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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Veterans' Hospital on Lancaster Road

My mom worked as an RN in this hospital for many years. 
Construction of the 5-story red brick building trimmed in white limestone was completed in the summer of 1940.
This part of South Oak Cliff was once the town of Lisbon.

Beverly Kimbrough  bak @ alumni.utexas.net
9-29-2009:  My parents lived on Mentor Street from July, 1936 until July, 1939. It is a an east/west street that dead ends in Lancaster Road, at the VA hospital. They talked of the construction trucks driving by their house.

aggie   aggiebill @ verizon.net
10-10-2011:  In the late 40′s I lived with my parents and siblings in quonset huts rented to veterans due to the housing shortage after the war. It was a large complex located on the southside of the VA property. It was full of familys with young children. We later (circa 1948) moved to a run down old house across the street from the main entrance at Mentor and Lancaster Aves. I started school at Lisbon Elementary in 1949 but after one semester transferred to W.W. Bushman east a few miles from the VA Hospital when my dad bought one of the GI financed houses built in an old cotton field near Sunnyvale and Ann Arbor.

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