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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Street Scene 5th Street and Lake Cliff Park

300 e5th st 1938
Postcard dated 1938 looking east on the 300 block of East Fifth Street, across from Lake Cliff Park. Most of the houses on this block were built 1925-1930. Below is the red-roofed house with the stone wall surround as it appears today. Hard to imagine the treeless street of old.

Photo by Steve Bonner

from Annie:  apratt81@ gmail.com
Wow! I live on that street. Seeing this postcard is amazing. I wish I could see more!

from Epi:  KF5EUB.com   epicam1981 @ gmail.com
yup, I live right on the next block down, you can see the neighbors house toward the back…

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